3M White Surgical Instruments Identification Marking Tape 200'' L x 0.25'' W

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These miniature tapes are US made from 3M's premium quality #471 vinyl tape. They are smooth and flexible, have a shiny luster, and conform easily to curved surfaces. They have a natural rubber adhesive that is clean removing. Mini-ID tapes are used for identification and color-coding of surgical instruments, tools, climbing gear, utensils, cables and wires. Wind on, pinch off - they stay put. Mini-tapes can also be used on whiteboards, control panels, model railroad diagrams, and striping for models of planes, cars, and rockets. Mini-tapes are autoclavable and dishwasher-proof and do not leave residue when removed. Rolls are 1/4'' wide and 200'' in length (16-2/3 ft). These mini-tapes are RoHS Compliant. Our instrument tapes have been independently temperature tested to 273°F / 133.8° C. They have also been tested for sterilization efficacy by both ethylene oxide and steam methods with both resulting in 100% sterilization.