Balfour Baby Central Blade 27 mm Deep, 21 mm x 24 mm Blade - 90 mm

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Instrument Description:

The Balfour-Baby Central Blade is a hand-held device that is used in general surgical procedures to expand wounds, mobilize soft tissues and widen the surgical field. It has a flat handle that features a postero-inferior hook to allow the application of firm grips and forcible tractions. The handle has a longitudinal fenestration for its attachment on the Balfour-Baby retractor frame. The blade is wide and curved forwards, and has a size of 21 x 24 mm. Our Balfour-Baby Central Blades are manufactured from a superior stainless steel quality. They are consistently easy to sterilize and will give you a lasting service with favorable results.

 Author:  Balfour Baby
Product: Central Blade Retractor
Brand: Medikrebs 
Specialty: General Surgery
Material: German Stainless Steel
Competitor Code: 15-850-92