Braun Stadler Episiotomy Scissor 20 cm

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Instrument Details:

The Braun Stadler Episiotomy Scissor is used during gynecological procedures such as episiotomy. The basic structure is comprised of a ring handle, shank, box-lock, and blade. Surtex Braun-Stadler episiotomy scissor has angled blades to facilitate minimally traumatic episiotomy incisions through the perineum. Our Braun Stadler Episiotomy Scissor is manufactured from premium quality surgical stainless steel and can be sterilized and reused. 

 Size:  14.5 cm
Author: Braun Stadler
Product: Episiotomy Scissor
Profile: Standard
Handle Type: Ring Handle
Brand: Medikrebs
Specialty: General Surgery
Material: German Stainless Steel