Cobb Periosteal Raspatory / Elevator Round Handle 24 mm x 28 cm

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Instrument Description: 

Cobb Periosteal Raspatory / Elevator is used by orthopedic surgeons to dissect or separate hard tissue like periosteum from long bones prior to reduction and fixation of fractures. It is also used to retract tissue in confined spaces.Cobb Periosteal Raspatory features a round handle with serrations in crisscross pattern for better handgrip. The handle extends to a flat, round, and semi-sharp blade that is available in variety of widths, ranging from 10 mm to 32 mm.

Size: 24 mm x 28 cm
Author: Cobb
Product: Raspatory Elevator
Profile: Standard
Handle Type: Round Handle
Brand: Medikrebs
Specialty: Orthopedic Instruments
Features: Autoclavable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade