Dartigues Uterine Seizing Forceps 27 cm

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Instrument Description:

The Dartigues Uterine Seizing Forceps are used to retract and elevate the vaginal wall to grasp and extract uterine polyps, malignancies and retrieval of soft tissue during polypectomy and endometrial curettage. The instrument has an overall length of 27 cm with clamp like jaws attached to finger rings. All of our Dartigues Uterine Seizing Forceps are crafted with premium grade surgical stainless and can be sterilized and reused.

 Size:  27 cm
Author: Dartigues 
Product: Uterine Seizing Forceps
Profile: Standard
Handle Type: Ring Handle
Brand: Medikrebs Corp
Specialty: Gynecology Instruments
Features: Autoclavable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade