Grave Vaginal Speculum - Blue Teflon Cover w/ Suction Tube LARGE

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 Author: Grave
Product: Vaginal Speculum
Brand: Medikrebs
Specialty: Gynecology Instruments
Material:  German Stainless Steel


Instrument Details:

The Grave Vaginal Speculum is used to perform gynecological examination and surgeries including pap smears, pelvic examination, IUCD insertion, Dilatation and evacuation and Dilatation and curettage. It consists of two wide blades that are attached to a hinged handle and can be fixed with a screw lock. During the procedure, the surgeon inserts the closed Grave Vaginal Speculum into the vagina, gently separates the blades to achieve the desired dilation and fixes the blades with the screw. The Grave Vaginal Speculums are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel and covered in Teflon in order to avoid burns and tissue damage. All of our Grave vaginal speculums can be sterilized and reused for years of surgeries.